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This German-French summerschool is mainly intended for graduate students, postdocs or researchers who work in the field of speech production, perception and perception-production interaction, and it is not limited to French or German citizenship.

One of the aims of the summerschool is to provide a platform for interchanges between students, junior and senior researchers and hence, we would like each participant to contribute to the summerschool.

Please send a letter of motivation, a short CV, and an abstract (no longer than 1 page) of your prospective contribution to the discussion of one of the following topics:

1. Modelling physical properties of speech production:

  • Modelling basic mechanisms of speech production (temporal and spatial coordination)

  • Biomechanical models of the articulators

  • Statistical models in speech production

  • Aerodynamic and acoustic models

  • Modelling speech motor control

2. Audiovisual perception and speech production

  • Audio-visual perception models
  • Models of perception -production interaction

Include the author names, affiliations, and a contact e-mail address in the first lines of the body of the message. We would recommend you to write in English. Since there are maximally 50 places available we will mainly base our selection on the abstract.

Deadline for the application is the 1st of may 2004! It should be send to:

Notification of acceptance will be given on the 18th of may 2004. We expect authors to present their work in a discussion group or in a poster session at the summerschool.

There will be no registration fee. Participants have to pay for their accommodation (approximately 175 € for students or 375 € for non-students with full board for the 6 days). We are currently trying to get further funding for participants.


Organisers & contact:

Pascal Perrier (ICP Grenoble)
Bernd Pompino-Marschall (HUB & ZAS Berlin)
Jonathan Harrington (IPDS Kiel)
Susanne Fuchs (ZAS Berlin)


Contact address:

Susanne Fuchs
10117 Berlin
Tel : ++49 (0)30 20192 569
Fax: ++49 (0)30 20192 402