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L'école d'été se déroulera à l'université publique de Lubmin ("Heimvolkshochschule Lubmin"), petite station balnéaire du nord-est de l'Allemagne située au bord de la Baltique. Poir avoir quelques impressions sur cette ville et ses environs, consulter:

Une large plage se trouve aux abords immédiats des locaux de l'université. Ceux-ci sont répartis autour d'un bâtiment principal avec plusieurs chambres, des salles de conférence, une salle informatique et une salle à manger. Il y a, de plus, douze bungalows avec des chambres pour plusieurs personnes. On trouve egalement un terrain de volley-ball, plusieurs tables de tennis de table et un emplacement pour feux de camp. Non loin de Lubmin se trouve Greifswald, une vieille ville de la Hanse. L'université de Greifswald a été fondée en 1456, c'est une de plus vieilles universités d'Europe.


L'information n'est pour l'instant disponible qu'en anglais - Traduction française à venir.

Map of Germany: Berlin and Greifswald (JPEG-Picture)


How to get to the summerschool

From Berlin (usually the train starts in Berlin-Ostbahnhof, 2 stations by S-Bahn from Alexanderplatz) you have to go by train to Greifswald-MainStation (in German: Greifswald-Hauptbahnhof; NOT Greifswald-Süd!!!). It is possible to go from other Cities in Germany to Greifswald, but trains won't be so frequently - so Berlin is a good choice for a transfer.

From Greifswald-Hauptbahnhof we will catch you, because Lubmin is still 16km away and buses go not very frequently - if at all at the weekend. For this reason we will need your time of arrival.

Trains to Greifswald go nearly every hour from Berlin. The final destination of the train is usually Stralsund.
You can check the web for trains:

The cheapest ticket to Greifswald from Berlin may be the so called "Ostsee-Ticket" for 39€ return. If you are more than one person travelling, the 2nd -5th person will pay only half the price. You will have to return within 9 days. Here are some specifications for the Ostseeticket (only in German):


General travel webpages:
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Expedia shows you prices from different airlines
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Last minute booking

2 weeks before the summerschool takes place you can start to book:


Specific airlines:
Easyjet goes to Berlin-Schönefeld where you can take the metro S-Bahn to the city centre, it takes appr. 45 min: Easyjet goes from Berlin to London Luton, Liverpool, Napels, Nizza, Paris Orly which could be interesting for some of you
dba flies mostly within Germany from Berlin to Duesseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Munich, Nizza, Stuttgart
Germania Express flies from Berlin to Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Rimini...

Airberlin goes to different cities within Germany, NOT to France, but Spain, Italy, UK... de
(buzz=ryanair) Ryanair goes from Montpellier to Frankfurt/Hahn which is pretty much outside of Frankfurt/M. and a rather long way to travel to the Baltic, but if you've got some time...
Hapag Lloyd goes to some places in Germany
Lufthansa goes to France and other countries
AirFrance goes to Germany and at the moment there are flights for 140€ from Paris to Berlin